Discover the Protein Arrays from engine gmbh

The human protein arrays we produce are powerful tools for high throughput and multiplexed protein analysis. A single experiment generates huge amounts of valuable data, thus making the engine protein arrays highly economical tools for biomarker discovery, therapy monitoring and quality control. Each array contains up to 27,648 in situ expressed human proteins in duplicate that can all be addressed at the same time and thus thousands of interactions screened in parallel. The scientific challenges for which our protein arrays are suited include:

  • autoantibody screening
  • antibody specificity determination
  • epitope mapping of antibodies
  • protein interaction-identification
  • determination of protein functions
  • functional assays
  • identification of DNA/RNA binding proteins

Features of engine Protein Arrays are

  • as easy to use as a Western Blot
  • no freeze shipment/storage required
  • purposed-programmed, web-based software tool available from Q2/2019
  • enzymatic modification possible (e.g. citrullination, phosphorylation)
  • custom-made arrays possible

Scientists from all over the world have used the protein arrays successfully – see the testimonials and list of publications for examples.