enginethe biomarker discovery company

We are a biotechnology company, located with our headquarters in Hennigsdorf just outside Berlin and our production site in Berlin-Buch. Directions can be found here.

We provide our customers with a range of products in the field of protein array technology, enabling them to perform high throughput and multiplexed assays, by addressing up to 2 × 27,648 in situ expressed proteins in a single experiment.

We offer numerous engine Protein Arrays presenting human protein collections derived from different tissues and offer additionally customized protein arrays according to the individual needs of our customers of different size ranging from 504 up to 13,248 individual clones.

Using our engine Protein Arrays, protein interactions with numerous types of molecules can be investigated. Our protein arrays can be applied to determine auto-antibody profiles of complex sera, cross-reactivity of monoclonal antibodies, protein-protein interaction pairs, DNA/RNA binding proteins, etc.